Sharing the Love of Yeshua Through Crafts and Kind words

This is going to be an exciting time!  Asher and I are going to be doing Make and Take crafts at the Evergreen State Fair to bring joy in to the lives of those we meet and share a little bit of the joy of the Lord with all those who come by!  We will be making fun diffuser jewelry on some days and fun shell art on other days.  Some days we will be doing both!  This is a great way to get out into our greater community and serve! 

I know it doesn’t sound like normal ministry work but when you make a person smile who hasn’t smiled in awhile and give them some of the Love that God placed in your heart it can do amazing things!   On the jewelry we will have them be writing a positive affirmation word like, Faith, Hope, Joy, Love, Strength, Courage, Dream, Believe, Dance, Sing, and Smile.   This will give them something positive to hold on to.  Then we will be giving out little cards with “You were meant to Soar!” on them to link back to this website.  It is our prayer that each and every person we get to talk to will be blessed in some way and that we will be able to share God’s love in a tangible way!  Some times people just need to talk… and we will be there to make fun stuff and talk.  Sewing seeds of love, hope, joy, and faith into lives in our community! 

It is so great to see the joy on a child’s face when they create something on their own.   Likewise it is amazing how people open up when you are doing something fun!  

Lord God, we pray that you go with us out into the fair!  We pray that you will work through our art project to bring your joy, strength, and love into the lives of people we interact with on the days that we will be volunteering in the arts and craft area.  Lord use our hands and use our voices as your own.  Let us be vessels for your honor and glory and let your will be done in that place!  Lord God, we pray that people will be encouraged, supported, and touched by your amazing love as we make crafts and that you will be glorified in all that we do.  May the Love of Yeshua, Jesus Crist our Savior, shine through in amazing ways!  We ask this by the power and authority Yeshua gave us to ask in His name, amen!

  © Kristin Campbell 2018