Asher Pack Blessing Bags,  Making a Difference Everywhere! 

God created us to be a reflection of His love here on Earth.  When we do something for others it is like an act of worship if we do it for God’s glory and not our own.   Asher Packs have been a part of our life for quite some time… but the recently got a name upgrade!  Asher Pack Blessing Bags!   When we did the first street ministry along with Asher we let him pick out what he wanted to put in the bags to give to those we met who were in need.   This is something that I have been doing since college.  If I had extra I would take it out to those in need on the streets.  

We are so blessed that Asher wants to do it with us too!  This summer we have taken Asher packs all over with us because you never know when you will see someone who need some help and the love of God.  This is an easy thing that any family can do together.  Asher and I have taken several trips to Seattle this summer to pass these out and Chris has gotten to come with us too when he wasn’t working.  You don’t have to go into the streets of a major city to do this though.  We carry Asher packs in our car so when we see someone with a sign needing help we give them out.

What do we put in our bags?

Tooth Brush with cover

Floss Picks

A card with a Bible verse  and a note that says “God Loves you!” on it. 

Juice or water

A pair of Sock

A Couple bandaids


Raisin or Dried Cranberries

Some sort of heath bar or granola bar

Sometimes nut butter packs

A treat

Fruit leather

and one of our S.O.A.R.I.N.G. bracelets

You don’t have to do everything like this!  Some water, and some food could be a blessing to those in need.  They don’t have to have so much.  Do what you can!  Every little bit makes a difference!  

Who do we give our bags out to?

We mostly give our bags out to homeless people who need the help but on occasions when have given them to people who just needed to be cheered up, or people who where in an emergency.   Some times we change what is in the bag to fit a situation.   

What are other types of blessing bags that can be made?

You can make a get well bag to give to friends, family, church members, or people you know in the hospital and include items that they might need.  A cheery card, a treat (appropriate for the hospital situation), a stress toy, a puzzle book, stickers, something to hold, and even things like  lip balms can be nice for those in the hospital. 

You could make a going to college blessing bag with some snacks, words of encouragement, and a fun stressball in it.

You could make a travel blessing bag for those going on a trip or doing mission work that included something they like to eat, some notes for thier trip, something to read, something fun, or even an eye patch for sleeping better.

You could make an encouragement blessing bag with things to encourage someone going through a hard time! 

Really the sky is the limit on what you can do to bless others in and around you in your daily life! 

:) Kristin

  © Kristin Campbell 2018