Healthy Living

I love living healthy!  I have a group and a page on Facebook called Building a Healthy Living Temple!  

Both the group and the page share some of my favorite things I have learned on my quest for getting healthy and living the best life I can live!   I talk about ways I have learned to detox the body, losing weigth, feeling healthier, avoiding toxins in products we use every day, and much more! 

I also have added a great supplement to my healthy lifestyle that has helped me so much!  The company is called Plexus and it has helped me get healthier, lose weight, and feel better!  I currently am taking the Plexus Triplex (Plexus Slim, ProBio5, and BioCleanse)  along with trying my best to eat healthy whole foods (organic if possible) and avoiding as many toxic chemical products as I can by using natural cleansers and cleaners for our home and for us personally.  

Here is a set of pictures of me before Plexus and after 3 months.  I am still transforming thanks to God!  I believe God has given me wisdom, grace, and mercy, and has taught me some very important things about living the healthiest life I can life and it is an honor to share it with others!

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