No Titles Neccessary, Needed, or Required

I finally figured out why I don’t like my title!

     Today as I was reading the word of God I came across a chapter that I am sure I have read several times in my life time.  It was one that was very familiar to me but this time it spoke directly to me. 

     For some time I have been uncomfortable with my title of “Pastor” even though I am an ordained minister for the Lord.  It just didn’t feel right adding something special to my name... so I changed my title to outreach minister which I felt was more of a description of what I do then a title like... this is Kristin Campbell...she is an outreach minister for Grace Soaring ministries.   Even that has begun to feel uncomfortable to me.  Not because I don’t feel called.  In fact I feel more and more of the Lord’s calling on a daily basis.  I can see the Lord working through us and through our ministry so I know that this is what His plan and purpose is for my life.  

     It is when I read the 23rd Chapter of Matthew that I began to see clearly why I don’t like the title!  Specifically where the Yeshua (Jesus Christ) says, ““But you are not to let yourselves be called ‘Rabbi’; because you have one Rabbi, and you are all each other’s brothers.” Mattityahu (Matthew) 23:8 CJB.  This totally spoke to me!  It wasn’t to long ago in churches everywhere that when you address someone it was as “Brother ____” or “Sister____”.   I have noticed a growth in people desiring titles...especial “Reverend Doctor ____” or “Apostle ___” or even “Prophet___” instead of just their name or “Brother or Sister ___”.  They want the notoriety that comes with a title, they want the honor that comes with that title, they want to be known for their gifts rather then known for their servants heart.  I don’t want to be counted among those who need a title. 

     Am I ordained, Yes!   Do I have a degree, Yes!   Do I have a special title degree, Yes... I have an honorary Doctorate.  Do I need any of that to be a servant of the Most High God and a minister to those I meet... well probably not.  The only exception would be ordination, but to tell you the truth I was ordained by the Lord a long time before I was ordained into ministry by man receiving my ordination papers.  The only advantage to having this type of ordination is to be able to legally marry people which I absolutely adore doing!    So that is the only good part of my “Pastor” title which is on my ordination papers!  

     So after reading Matthew 23 what I would like to do is be address by my name Kristin or by Sister Kristin (that would be ok too).    I have unknowing naturally not added a title when out ministering to people I meet on the streets.  I introduce myself as “Kristin”.  I don’t need the title accept for when I am marrying people for legal reasons.  We are all called to minister to each other as followers of Yeshua!  We are all called to be servants of the Most High God!  We all have gifts!  It say so in 1 Corinthians 12.  We don’t have to be known by the gifts we are given wether we teach, prophesy, minister apostolically, have gifts of healing, speak in tongues, interpret tongues, wether we have been given wisdom or wether we have been given special faith.  We are all 1 body... the body of Christ called to work together for God’s glory and not for our own names or glory. 

     Yes, Lord!  I hear you and I will obey your word in my life!  I do not need a fancy title!  I am your vessel use me as you will!  Thank you Lord God for this word that you spoke to me.  My prayer is that more ministers of the Lord will begin to see that titles aren’t important and that what is truly important is that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ (we are family), and that we are all called to love God and love others!  This is a challenge for all my friends who are servants of God... be known by the Love of God that shines through you so that He is the one glorified in your life!  Lay it all before the Lord, not my will but Thy will Oh Lord be done! ❤️


Kristin 😀

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